KVC Fundraising Opportunities


Earn 50% of Each Sale Your Group Makes! 

Kern Value Card is an excellent way to raise money for your
Non-Profit Group, Charity, Public School, Private School, Association or Club.


Fundraising Is Simple And Easy With Kern Value Card!

  • Your group can sell Kern Value Card memberships all year long as memberships are valid for one full year from sign-up (not prorated).
  • Two (2) memberships for the price of one means twice as much value and more opportunity for Kern Value Card members to save money.
  • Not only will your members raise money for your group, but they also will use the Kern Value Card memberships to save hundreds of dollars.
  •  Kern Value Card supplies marketing materials and training for your group at no charge.
  •  Kern Value Card does not require your group to purchase memberships in advance. There are no minimums and no required money to start. 
  •  You do not need to be a non-profit or 501 (c)(3) charity to start a fundraiser. As long as your group has a legitimate fundraising need, Kern Value Card will approve your fundraiser.

Kern Value Card Offers
“Value and Savings Made Simple.”

To Start Your Kern Value Card Fundraiser,

or if you have questions, 

 call Eric at 661-619-1750 or

email: eric@KernValueCard.com